Male vitality support

A vitality booster for physical condition and mental strength. Designed to support testosterone and promote cognitive wellbeing.

Get Back To Your Peak

Developed by experts, designed to boost Low T levels and increase your sense of wellbeing.

Benefits of higher testosterone :

  1. Boost Energy Levels Put the bounce back in your step, feeling sharper and livelier.

  2. Build Strength Your exercise regime starts paying real dividends.

  3. Recharge Confidence Improved self-esteem, start feeling better about yourself again.

  4. Enhance Libido Turn back the clock and get back to your best in the bedroom.

Research-backed test boosting ingredients at full clinical doses.

Why is Centrapeak Different?

Improve Your Mood

There are hundreds of testosterone boosters on the market. Many are good, most are not.

None are formulated with a key aim of making you feel better mentally.

Yes, higher testosterone levels will naturally make you feel better. But Centrapeak has been formulated with testosterone boosting ingredients that have also been shown to be highly effective cognitive enhancers.

So you get the mental benefits of higher testosterone ... and then further cognitive benefits from the individual ingredients.

We Don't Stop There

We've taken Centrapeak even further, by adding ingredients normally found in Nootropic Supplements.

Natural botanicals like Rhodiola Rosea and Phosphatidylserine (PS) further enhance mental clarity and feelings of wellbeing.

A Unique & Effective Formula

Read more about what makes Centrapeak special.

Centrapeak Ingredients

Customer Reviews

The Virtuous Cycle

When you feel more positive, you behave more positively.

Rather than sit in front of the TV, you are more inclined to go for a walk, a swim, a run or hit the gym. You are less inclined to comfort eat and snack on junk.

This leads to a virtuous cycle. You start losing weight and getting fitter, this makes you feel better. This in turn motivates you to exercise and eat healthily ... and on it goes.

  1. Reduced Stress Lower cortisol levels means lower stress levels.

  2. Increased Energy A positive outlook is crucial for motivation.

  3. Enhanced Wellbeing Feeling happier and making progress.

Start your journey today.

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How Does Centrapeak Support Testosterone?

The ingredients have demonstrated through research to help;

  • Stimulate the Leydig cells in your testes to produce additional testosterone.
  • Reduce cortisol and other stress hormones which suppress testosterone production.
  • Optimize neurotransmitters to enhance your mood and mental well-being.
  • Inhibit the production and effectiveness of estrogen, the female sex hormone.
  • Support muscle protein synthesis and reduce inflammation for faster recovery.
  • Increase your basal metabolic rate so you burn more calories even at rest.

Testimonial: Terry S., USA

Terry from Wisconsin explains how Centrapeak has helped him.

Centrapeak Customers

To find out more about the Centrapeak formula, we encourage you to read the dedicated ingredients page.

One major area Centrapeak is benefitting me is with my work. I feel far more focused working from home and don’t experience fatigue like I normally would when sitting at a computer. Coupled with the fact that my sleep is the best it’s ever been and Centrapeak is a winner. Thanks Centrapeak!

Eddie B., UK

Phenomenal customer service. I like the new formula as well. Turned 5 Ohhhh this year, so need all the mental acuity I can retain. This product imo is perfect for guys my age who just want to maintain the mass we have as opposed to bulking up, although when I do push myself, I can bulk up on this formula. Great stuff indeed.

Ed S., Oklahoma

Discover and get capsule that give you big power!!!!! Great support for work out. @robertobiopower

Roberto B., Italy

I can tell you that this 50 year old Marine Vet feels like he is 21 again and even my younger friends in the gym tell me "Chris you're looking like beastmode", so if you want to change your lifestyle then Centrapeak can and will help you achieve me!

Chris R., Ohio

Your customer service is exemplary. You have a world class product to work with, and the fact Centrapeak has reformulated after just one year is something only the best companies do. The world needs to know about your wonderful product.

Rick S., British Columbia

You guys have phenomenal customer support; it’s really appreciated! Great customer support with a great product, you can’t ask for anymore. Thank you again! 

Dan H., Virginia

Testosterone Support
& Cognitive Enhancement
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Testimonial: Rob W., UK

I am 45 years old, a married father of two. I used to be very fit but in the last couple of years I've dropped out of the gym and my fitness and energy has suffered.

Love handles, flabby bits and man boobs. Not great, I was feeling grumpy and lethargic all the time. I was recommended Centrapeak by a friend who had got good results from it.

After taking Centrapeak for two months I've dropped almost 7 lbs in weight, and my body shape is much improved. The main thing though is how much better I FEEL.

I feel great!!. More positive, more energy - starting Centrapeak has kickstarted a healthy regime again. I am getting out of bed invigorated and hitting the gym at least 3 times a week.

Rob W.
Testosterone Results

I got my testosterone tested at the start of this, I wanted to see if the product did boost test and by how much. My initial levels were 14.7 nmol/L. I was disappointed, it's not clinically low by any means, but at the bottom end of the scale for a man of my age.

I just got it tested again after 2 boxes of Centrapeak, there's been a big jump. It's impressive. I'd definitely recommend the product for guys who want to boost T and feel better.

Feel better, look better
Get back to your peak
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Quality Assured, US Made

Centrapeak is manufactured in premises certified under Good Manufacturing Practice by both the UL and NPA - the top two certifying bodies.

The manufacturing site additionally has a GMP certificate from the New Jersey Department of Health and Human Services.

This is the best quality assurance available.

Our products are microbial tested, and then further tested by a 3rd party independent laboratory, ensuring the quality of the product is at the highest level.

Quality Assured

Centrapeak is also despatched from the USA. We ship through USPS and UPS from our facility in New Jersey.

One and two boxes are shipped free to US mainland addresses using USPS First Class, whilst our 4 box Male Vitality Package includes free Worldwide shipping.

For customers purchasing in Canada we offer USPS First Class International, and delivery times of 5-10 working days.

The product is non-GMO; vegan friendly; gluten, and allergen free.

The Centrapeak formula is fully disclosed, you can find out more on our ingredients page. We encourage you to look through the ingredients and read the associated research.

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